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Moving happens for many reasons: job relocation or advancement, family, retirement or even adventure. It can be exciting, but the excitement quickly wears off when the boxes pile up and only one room has been packed. You look around your life’s accumulation and think, how will I get it all done without breaking my back, my bank account or both?


The answer is simple, hire an affordable moving service to help. They can do it all or do the parts of the job you can’t or don’t want to do. With help from one of the moving companies in our network, your load is lightened, so you can look forward to your move with excitement! Request free moving quotes from our partners now!

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Living in The World’s Most Famous Beach

Many people know Daytona Beach as a motorsports hub – the area rose to popularity in the early 1900s as car makers used the beach’s hard-packed sand to test their vehicles. Today, the city boasts the NASCAR headquarters, and large groups of tourists flock here from all over the world to experience various motorsport events, including the Daytona 500, Bike Week, and the “24 Hours of Daytona” endurance race. Sometimes, these tourists decide to settle in Daytona Beach and find a home, raise a family, and enjoy the temperate climate and the excitement of the ebb and flow of people from season to season. Living in Daytona Beach provides a completely eclectic experience, with everything from biker bars for bikers and beach goers alike, to ancient motels standing as remnants from the construction boom, to modern high-rise towers. This city of just over 60,000 people straddles the span between urban and beach community, with high rises and boardwalks, beach stores, and boutique spas.


Depending on when you move, getting to your new home could be challenging with tourist season and special events. To help you navigate this challenge and others, hire a mover who knows the area, through free estimates from us, Cheap Movers Orlando. Moving is hard enough without traffic and congestion. No matter what you do, on moving day, you will be anxious to get to your new home, and get settled in. You can hire a moving service that will do it all for you from beginning to end or a service that can guide you and provide packing supplies and transportation. You choose what you want to do yourself, and what you want others to do for you, based on your physical ability, budget, and know-how. Cheap Movers Orlando can help. You can receive free estimates from licensed, bonded, fully vetted and insured Orlando movers, from which you can customize your move, to meet your individual needs.

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Cheap, Reliable Moving Services

Whether you need a few guys and a truck for a couple of hours, or you’re planning a full-scale out-of-state relocation, we can help you find the moving services you need from the area’s best movers:


Residential Movers

A full moving service can come in and pack up your entire household, transport, unpack, and set up everything for you. For a partial move, you pick and choose what service you want them to provide and you do the rest.


Local Movers

Though we are based in Orlando, the moving companies we work with also know the Daytona Beach area well. They know the ins and outs of traffic and regulations, highways, and side roads, to get your stuff to its destination fast and on-time!


Long Distance Movers

Coming into Daytona Beach from another part of the country might be a bit of a shock. A long-distance mover can make your move easier, by helping you with the nitty gritty of getting the job done, while you work on getting acclimated.


Apartment Movers

Moving to or from an apartment complex or condo building poses unique challenges. Each building has its own special rules. A moving service that specializes in apartment moves understands how to tackle the logistics that come with this type of move, so you keep management and your neighbors happy.


Furniture Movers

Packing all your books and dishes is one thing, but furniture is a completely different beast. Larger pieces, like beds and tables, might need disassembly to move. If you have-high end furniture, you need someone who knows how to prepare it and handle it properly. A lot of furniture has metal, glass, and leather each requiring special handling. Hire a furniture mover to prepare your furniture and transport it safely.


Piano Movers

A piano is not like a large desk or table; it is a musical instrument that requires very special treatment. A piano mover knows how to secure and protect all the many moving parts and how to physically move it to keep it protected.


Appliance Movers

Large appliances have many parts and connections that are easily damaged, lost or broken. Hire an appliance mover to keep your appliances safe as they travel to your new location.


Intrastate Movers

Hire a mover who is familiar with the state of Florida, if you are moving from one part of the state to another. They will know the best way to get you to your new home with less stress.


Senior Movers

If you feel like you cannot handle moving yourself, because you feel “too old” for it or if you have a family member who is a senior citizen, then hire a senior moving service. They will help you get the job done, including downsizing and simplifying so you can fit in a small apartment or senior center. They also know how to provide the mental and the emotional support needed for the big transition.


Interstate Movers

Each state has regulations about what you can move into the state. For example, many have restrictions on which plants can be brought into the state due to harmful pests. Interstate movers can help you understand state-to-state rules and regulations like these, while keeping your move easy and compliant.


For free quotes on moving services in Daytona Beach, contact Cheap Movers Orlando! We’re here to help you find quality movers for less.

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