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Guide to Setting Up Your Orlando Utilities Services

In the chaos of a move, it can be easy to forget to deal with your utilities, but the last thing you want to do is get settled in your new home only to find out that your lights won’t turn on or your faucet has no running water. Fortunately, modern technological advances make it easier than ever before to get your utilities dealt with. Here’s what you need to know about utilities if you’re planning a move to Orlando.


All water services in Orlando are handled through the Orlando Utilities Commission. OUC is a municipally-owned service company that provides both water service and sewage service with all their plans. If you’re new to Orlando and looking to set up service or if you’re a city resident moving to a new location, starting or transferring service can be handled through your myOUC account. It’s free to create an account, and this portal allows you not just to set up service but also to manage all of your payments. Service can usually be handled the same day you create your account, but you may want to schedule service a couple of days in advance just to be safe.


The Orlando Utilities Commission also offers electrical service to most residents of Orlando, and it’s the easiest option if you want a hassle-free approach to setting up your utilities. As with water, you can handle setup directly through your account, and usually, both electrical and water service can be bundled into a single plan. If your property isn’t serviced by OUC or you’re simply looking to compare rates, you can also transfer or start service through Duke Energy, a private utility company.


Not all homes need gas, so you’ll want to check with your landlord or do a close inspection of your home to determine if natural gas is a necessity. The main provider of natural gas services in Orlando is TECO People’s Natural Gas. Like most utility companies, they give you the option to create an online account and allow you to automate your service setup directly through their portal. Keep in mind that they will need to send out someone to manually read your meter, so you may want to give a few days’ notice just to be safe.

Cable and Internet

Orlando is home to the most advanced telecommunications system in the Southeast, and it has a private provider community to match. With nearly a dozen telecommunications providers, there’s not enough space to get into all your options, but you can’t go wrong with most. All telecom offices in Orlando are fiber-based, but if you plan on packaging it with a cable TV plan, you may want to go with a major provider like AT&T or Comcast. You can compare your options via this directory.

Garbage Collection

All garbage collection is handled through the city, and there’s no need to manually request service. All residential garbage collection is overseen on a weekly basis. You can check the schedule to determine what day service is offered in your area, learn more about the rules, and make an appointment for the pickup of larger items.

As you plan your move, don’t forget to also schedule a moving service! Cheap Movers Orlando can help you find affordable moving companies to handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on things like transferring your utilities.

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