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How to Pack Your Boxes for a Long Distance Move

Moving to a new home sometimes means moving farther than a few streets across town or to a city that is nearby. It sometimes means that you’re moving across the state or even across the country. When you’re planning a long distance move, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind when you’re packing so that your belongings are safe and secure while traveling.

Make Sure Boxes are Secure

Whether you have your vehicles or you’re going to hire a long-distance moving company, your belongings will be on a truck for quite some time. As you or the movers put boxes on the truck, they need to be secured so that they don’t fall over or get shifted around before you get to your new home. Boxes should be packed so that they are full with nothing in the boxes that is loose and can easily slide around. Boxes should be sealed well to keep them from coming open during transit.

Get Insurance

When your belongings are transported over a longer distance, there is a greater chance of something happening that would damage them, such as a car accident. If you don’t have an insurance policy that covers liability during moving, then use the insurance that’s provided by the moving company. Most businesses will offer minimal coverage anyway, but if you’re preparing for a long distance move, then you might want to increase the coverage, especially so that electronics and larger pieces of furniture are protected.

Pack a Travel Bag

When you arrive at your new home, you will likely need a few essentials that you might not want to search for in all of your boxes. A travel bag can contain medications, documents, and essentials that you’ll need for the first few days until everything is unpacked. Keep toiletries in a plastic bag that is sealed to prevent liquids from spilling. You should also keep a blanket and pillow as well as a few outfits in your bag until you begin hanging items in your new closet or folding clothes to put in drawers.

Prepare Larger Items and Breakables

Outdoor furniture should be inspected so that there are no loose pieces that could damage other pieces of furniture or the boxes that are on the truck. Put mattresses and box springs in a box instead of leaving them unwrapped. Mattresses can also get bent and warped when they stand freely on a truck and even when they are flat on the truck bed.

Dishes should be packed with newspaper around them or plastic wrap. Don’t pack dishes in large boxes because they will be too heavy to move around. Throw out any food that is in your kitchen unless you’re going to pack it in a cooler where it’s protected. Food can be an attraction to pests that can still enter boxes that are on a moving truck. Try to organize what you’re packing as it’s put into each box. This simple step will save you time when you unpack everything in your new home.

By following these tips, you’ll be more prepared for your upcoming move! Don’t forget to give us a call when you’re ready to schedule movers. We’ll help you find licensed, long distance moving companies for less.

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