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How to Protect Your Floors and Walls on Moving Day

Through the process of transporting all your furniture, boxes, and other belongings out of your current home and into your new space, property damage may easily occur. After all, as large and heavy items are carried in, and out of the homes, they could bang against doors and walls. They may also scratch wood floors, crack tile floors or rip carpeting.

In addition to the concern about property damage, you may also be worried about the damage to your furnishings and other items. The unfortunate reality is that a significant amount of damage may occur on moving day, and this damage can result in financial loss. The good news is that there are a few steps that our Orlando, FL movers say you can take to protect your home and belongings from damage.

Gather Protective Supplies

When you are packing your belongings, pack as many of the items as possible in boxes. Ensure that you pack thoughtfully so that you can protect the items inside your boxes. The boxes should not be excessively heavy. After all, when they are too heavy, they could easily be dropped on moving day. You should also prepare for moving by wrapping your tables, chairs, and electronics. Some movers will complete this task for you, so you should inquire before moving day. Moving blankets, bubble wrap, and other items may also be used as necessary to cover your belongings.

Strategically Cover Interior Surfaces

Even when all of your furnishings and other belongings are well-wrapped, damage to the home may still occur. For example, a dolly filled with boxes could scrape against the wall and leave a gash. Focus on your home’s most vulnerable areas, such as the stair railing, narrow hallways, and other areas. You may strategically cover these surfaces to prepare for moving day. Remember to cover the stairs and the flooring near your exterior doors as well.

Hire an Experienced Moving Team

Some moving companies will handle all of the protective wrapping for you. For example, they will cover the stairs and wrap your furnishings as needed. Some movers may also wear booties and use furniture slides to protect your floors. Because the moving company that you select will play a major role in the protection of your home and belongings, it is essential to choose an experienced team that takes all reasonable precautions. In addition, ensure that the moving company that you hire is insured. Even when all precautions are taken, some damage may still occur. The moving company’s insurance can give you peace of mind that any damages may be paid for by the movers.

As eager as you may be to relocate to your next home, you understandably may be concerned about the potential for property damage on moving day. As you can see, there are numerous steps that you can take to protect your belongings and to potentially avoid hundreds or thousands of dollars in related financial loss.

If you have not already done so, now is the time to hire the right moving team and to purchase protective supplies and packing materials.

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