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No matter where you’re headed, moving is very stressful. There are many reasons people want to or need to move. There are good reasons, like looking for a better neighborhood or better school system, or sad reasons, like a death in the family or divorce. Whatever the reason for your relocation, you’ll find that moving is a complicated process. However, hiring a moving service that is reputable and honest can make a world of difference! But how do you find a trustworthy mover?


Cheap Movers Orlando provides you with quotes from vetted, licensed, and insured moving companies in the Orlando area. With the moving partners in our network, you customize a package of services to fit your budget, as well as your needs. You can be in control of how much you want to do yourself and how much you want the moving service to do. Getting started is easy. Just fill out the quote form, and we’ll send you free estimates from the best movers in your area!

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Professional Home & Apt Moving Services

Choose the services you need to move your home or apartment with ease:


Full Service Moves

A full-service moving company will do everything for you, from packing to hauling to unpacking. Usually, these are long-distance moving services. Qualified movers know exactly how to pack your items for the long haul.


Hourly Moves

An hourly mover is usually a local moving service. These movers usually prep furniture and then load the truck, haul, and unload. Be aware, local moving companies typically require a two or three hour minimum.


Apartment Moving

Apartment movers are very familiar with the challenges of moving from or to an apartment. They will also help you navigate the rules and regulations set by your building’s management office. (All building rules are different.)


Condo Movers

Like apartment movers, these movers also know how to deal with the building management office and will work to make your condo move go smoothly, without causing neighbors aggravation.


House Moves

Moving the contents of a house is hard and time-consuming, so hiring a moving service that specializes in this type of move expedites the process and lightens your load.



This service is great if you do not have the time or you’re too busy to pack. With this moving service, movers will pack everything, crate items that need extra protection, and prepare and wrap furniture, significantly reducing the time you spend on your move.


Piano Moves

This is a specialized service, because pianos are not just furniture. These instruments have many moving and interconnected parts and need to be handled by people who understand their inner workings.



If you want to pack, wrap and prepare everything yourself, and you just want a service to load and unload, then hire a service that will do just that.

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Quick Moving Check List of What to Do and When

3 Months Before You Move

  • Plan a budget, create a spreadsheet or set up a file folder or notebook to keep the financial information organized. A few dollars here and there add up quickly. 
  • Sort and inventory everything. 
  • Gather quotes from moving services. 
  • Collect shipping boxes, newspapers, packing material (don’t forget your liquor store – many keep boxes just for people who are moving).

2 Months Before You Move

  • Start using up food that has accumulated in the house and don’t accumulate large quantities of household or kitchen supplies when you shop. 
  • Book your moving service, preferably for off-season. From late summer to early spring is the best time to be assured your desired moving company will be available. 
  • Pack seasonal items and items not regularly used. 
  • Give away and discard items that you sorted – (for giveaways: contact favorite charities, friends and family; for discard items: contact recycle centers, or your town about special trash pick-ups)

1 Month Before You Move

  • If you rent, give your current landlord your 30-day notice. 
  • Schedule a change of address with the U.S. Postal Service. 
  • If you are moving into an apartment or condo, inform the new management office of your move and if necessary, reserve the loading dock and freight elevator. 
  • Get all your packing supplies together (boxes, tape, bubble wrap, filler material, markers, labels). 
  • Designate an area for all your packed boxes. 
  • If you can, get access to your new location to measure rooms and identify locations of switches and outlets. Make rough sketches, so you can plan your furniture set up. 
  • Set aside items you do not want to pack, to keep available until move day. 
  • Pack a first day box (pajamas, sheets, blankets, toys, games, books, snacks, pet food/treats, pet food and water bowls). It will travel with you for a long-distance move, or will be put on the moving truck last, to be unloaded first, if you know the truck will arrive the same day. 
  • Decide what furniture you will bring and what you will replace. Place orders for new furniture to be delivered after your move-in date. 
  • Pack all your other items – being sure to keep them organized, by room, by person or by type. 
  • Get all your important paperwork together (bank statements, passports, insurance papers, rental agreements or mortgage papers, etc.). They will travel with you. 
  • Order checks with your new address. 
  • Book a pet sitter and/or a baby sitter to handle the little ones (human and/or furry) on moving day. 
  • Request time off from work.

2 Weeks Before You Move

  • Take down artwork, shelves, and anything else on your walls that you will be taking with you. 
  • Patch the holes in the walls. 
  • Finalize your floorplan. 
  • Meet with friends and family who are nearby, either have a party or visit to say “good bye”. 
  • For a long-distance move, get your car checked and prepped for the long drive.

1 Week Before You Move

  • Finalize all details with those who will be involved with moving day. 
  • Be sure you have enough in your bank to cover all expenses. 
  • Get cash to give tips to helper and movers for a job well done. 
  • Clean, wash, wipe and vacuum all furniture that you are taking with you. 
  • Back up your computer files. 
  • Empty your refrigerator and freezer, except for essentials and clean it well. 
  • Clean the entire living space well. 
  • If you rent, gather keys and other items to return to the landlord. 
  • Pick up bottled water, juice, snacks for the movers and helpers. 
  • Set up delivery of household items and groceries for the day after you arrive, from online stores. 
  • Find food delivery and take-out businesses near your new locations, so you don’t have to cook the first day or two. 
  • Get good rest the night before your move, you will need it.

Moving Day

  • Have a good hearty breakfast and/or be sure to have some nutritious snacks to munch on throughout the day. 
  • Sweep, vacuum, dust and wipe down the entire living space one more time. 
  • If you rent, do a final walk through with your landlord, and settle any paperwork or agreements related to your rental. 
  • If you are moving to an apartment or condo, call to confirm your arrival window. 
  • Designate a drop off room or corner in your new location for boxes that will be unloaded.

Ease some or all of the burden of moving by hiring a moving service. Get free quotes from residential movers in the Orlando area, through Cheap Movers Orlando.

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