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Not everything always works out as planned, especially when moving. You might find yourself right on schedule with the move out, but your destination may not be ready for move-in. This hiccup can be frustrating and time-consuming as it forces you to move twice: moving everything to a storage unit and moving again to your new home. If you anticipate that you may need storage, then be sure to get free estimates from us, Cheap Movers Orlando, for moving services that also provide storage. Some moving companies provide warehouse storage, others provide self-storage units that give you access to your belongings. The best scenario is to find a moving service that provides storage, rather than trying to acquire it separately. Just as with other moving-related services (such as packing and furniture disassembly/assembly), storage can be added to the moving package, saving you money.

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What to Know When Shopping for Storage Space

If you must secure storage space during your move, then make sure you do your research first. Read online reviews, but don’t stop there. Visiting the facility in-person is the best means of deciding if the storage unit meets your needs. Here are some things to consider when you are choosing your storage service:


  • Cleanliness: Look for signs of critters sharing the storage space. Mouse droppings or nests, dead insects, shed shells or skin, and clusters of insects in corners or cracks may indicate poor pest-control. These animals could end up take up residence in your things! Also, look for signs of water damage, like water lines around the walls.  
  • Security: Ask about how the unit or warehouse is kept secure. Be sure you get a clear answer.  
  • Accessibility: Be sure you understand the unit’s accessibility, so you know any limitations around dropping off or picking up items. 
  • Affordability: Compare the quotes you receive from Cheap Movers Orlando storage companies, to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. 
  • Selection: Be sure the facility offers a variety of unit sizes, so you are not forced to pay for a full-sized unit, when you will only fill half of it. 
  • Climate-control: Anywhere you live, you will find that weather causes issues. In the Orlando area, heat and humidity are common challenges. You will need to find a storage service that provides a well-ventilated and air-conditioned storage area with humidity control. You do not want your belongings subject to mold or mildew caused by the elements.

When you find a moving company that offers storage, be sure they provide the type of storage that you need, as there are a few different types:


  • Residential: The belongings in a home are varied, from cherished heirlooms and items loaded with memories to technology, like home entertainment centers, TVs, and game units. A residential storage company will provide you with various-sized units to allow for exact fit, so you will not have to rent a unit that’s twice the size of what you need, thus spending more than you should. 
  • Commercial (inventory, equipment, etc.): Your business may require storage for files and papers, storage for large equipment, or storage for large quantities of inventory. Whatever you need to store, find a commercial storage solution through Cheap Movers Orlando. 
  • Furniture: Maybe you only need to store your furniture. Furniture storage services will provide you with the materials need to cover and protect your items while they are locked away. The units will be climate and humidity-controlled to minimize any swelling or over-drying of your wood or leather furniture. 
  • Wine: If you need to store your wine collection, a service that provides this type of storage will give you space that is temperature and humidity-controlled to keep your wine drinkable for future enjoyment. 
  • Art: Precious or expensive pieces of art, whether flat or 3-dimensional, require special care and security. Find a storage unit that not only provides ventilation and temperature- and humidity-control, but one that also has security features. 
  • Documents: Storage of documents may not need as much space as large pieces of equipment, but they do require humidity control. Be sure your moving service can give you humidity-controlled units for your documents and paperwork.

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Tips for Loading Your Storage Unit

If you are going to pack the storage unit yourself, here are some tips to maximize efficiency and make it easier for you to come back and get anything you might need. Your moving company should be able to help you with this, so be sure you get tips from them as well.


Create an Inventory System

When you pack your boxes, number the boxes and inventory everything in each box. Keep an inventory list with the box number in a column next to each item.


Place Items Strategically

Place the biggest and least-used items towards the back of the unit, including furniture, large appliances, seasonal/holiday items, outdoor tools, supplies, toys, recreational supplies, fitness items, and kitchenware. Put the most-used items near the door, just in case you need to rescue a favorite teddy bear or grab a power drill for a DIY project.


Make the Best Use of Space

You can pile boxes on and inside the furniture. Make use of vertical space and stack boxes on top of other boxes. Of course, put lighter weight boxes on the top of the piles and heavier boxes on the bottom. Leave aisles between stacks to allow easy access and more efficient working space for movers when they remove everything for your final move.


Label Everything

Be sure all boxes are clearly marked with a list of contents, and if they hold fragile items, have them marked as such. Draw a map, utilizing the box numbers to indicate where the boxes are located.


Storing items between moves could be frustrating and expensive. Reduce some of that frustration and expense by finding a moving service that provides you with the best options for your specific storage needs. Contact Cheap Movers Orlando to receive free estimates from fully-vetted, insured, and licensed moving and storage companies in the Orlando area.

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