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Moving a home is complicated enough, but typically, undertaking a commercial move is even more complicated. Businesses have complicated computer and network set-ups, advanced equipment, specialty devices, and a plethora of documents that the business owners are legally bound to hold for a certain number of years. In a business age in which everything moves fast, and everyone expects results in an instant, down time is not an option. Even when facing a relocation, if you can’t strike when the iron is hot, you lose business. When moving your business, it is best to have the assistance of a moving service, so things get back up and running as quickly as possible after the move. Cheap Movers Orlando can provide you with free estimates from office moving services in the Orlando area. These companies are insured, licensed, and fully-vetted.

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Commercial Moving Services You Can Trust

Office movers offer several different service options, from which you can create a customized package that fits your needs, as well as your budget. Some of these options include:


Local Moves

Many times, local moving services charge by the hour, which is ideal if you and your staff plan to prep and pack everything. Having a local service is helpful, because they know the area very well, including the most efficient routes, high traffic times and locations, and local laws governing where trucks can drive and where they are not allowed to park.


Long Distance Moves

This type of service is more extensive, as the movers must prep and pack your belongings for a long trip through various weather and temperature conditions. You need someone with the expertise and know-how to protect your furniture, computer equipment, and any specialty equipment that you use for safe delivery to your destination.



There might be a delay when moving out of one office and into the next commercial or retail space. Find a moving service that also includes storage to streamline your move! Or find a company that provides long-term storage for documents, equipment, and other infrequently-used items.


Specialty Equipment

This is one of the needs that separates a commercial move from a residential move. Businesses deal with special manufacturing equipment, special diagnostic equipment, and huge pieces of machinery that require responsible and carefully-crafted plans for moving. Some commercial moving companies have the equipment and manpower to handle tricky items like these.


Corporate Relocations (Moving Employees)

A moving company that deals with this, can help with all aspects of getting your employees moved and set up, not only in their offices, but also in their homes. They take care of everything for everyone. With the help of a professional moving service, your employees will be less stressed and more focused on getting their work done.

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Tips to Keep Your Office Move Efficient and On Track

For your office move, you may want to follow the advice of seasoned moving professionals:


Plan and Plan Some More

Planning is one of the most important strategies for minimizing downtime to your business. As soon as you know that you’re moving, start creating a plan for getting everything done. Regularly review and re-adjust your planning as time gets closer to the move. The worst thing you could do is procrastinate!


Read the Lease Agreements

Be sure you understand your lease agreement with both your current landlord, as well as with your new landlord. The last thing you want to do is end on a bad note with your current landlord or start off on a bad foot with the new one.


Plan the Layout of Your New Space

Get all the information that you need to know about your new space. This info includes floor plans, blueprints, and/or pictures. If you can go to visit the space, do that too. You will be able to plan the setup of furniture and equipment and decide if you would like the landlord to make some changes to create more efficient space for your workers.


Involve Everyone

Get your employees involved. Moving is stressful for them too, so get them involved in the plans, before you choose the space. Do a survey on “amenities.” For examples, what extras are most important to them: a gym, a lunch room, a deck or patio, etc. What are their seating preferences? Some people like windows, some people don’t care. Try to arrange the office for their comfort, to keep morale up.


Talk to the IT Department

Computer networks, phones, and internet access all keep offices running smoothly, so have the IT team evaluate the new space for whatever will be needed to be up and running quickly after your move. There may be some adjustments or upgrades in the infrastructure of the space or new equipment that will be required to make everything work well together.


Keep Customers and Vendors in the Loop

Be sure to stay in communication with everyone that you do business with. Utilize e-Blasts, post cards and/or social media to let everyone know you are moving and when, so that you do not lose business, because customers cannot find you.


Hire a Good Moving Company

Last, but certainly not least, hire an experience mover who can provide the services that you require. Custom create a moving package that will fit your budget and your needs, by getting free quotes through Cheap Movers Orlando.

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