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When you hire a full-service mover, you can create custom package that fits your needs, wants, and budget. Packing is just one of the services you might want to consider outsourcing. Packing and unpacking requires a lot of energy and time that you may not have. Thankfully, you can choose how much a moving service will do and how much you would like to do by yourself. Packing and unpacking can be the hardest of the moving process. No matter how you cut it, it’s tiring. Cheap Movers Orlando can provide free estimates for moving companies that will do full or partial packing and/or unpacking, including preparing your furniture, crating special items, furniture disassembly and assembly.

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Full and Partial Packing Services

Keeping your belongings safe and in one piece is the goal of properly packing them. A moving service can help with that, by providing you with packing materials and manpower. You decide what service you want added to your moving package, and they will accommodate your needs and requests, with reliable and responsible service. They will bring all the materials needed to get the job done well and efficiently. In fact, these people have been doing it for so long that they will get it done in less time than you, because they know exactly what to do and how to do it. Even if you feel you don’t need the service, you may want to get a free quote anyway – the reasonable price might surprise you. Some packing related services provided by moving companies in the Cheap Movers Orlando network include:


  • Full packing: You may have many several reasons why you need a full-packing service. Whatever the reason, hiring a full-service mover helps reduce the overwhelming nature of moving. You can have everything you own packed securely and prepared for moving, whether you’re relocating nearby or far away. 
  • Partial packing: You can pack what you feel comfortable packing and leave the rest for the moving company. That way, you can care for things you prefer that others not handle or leave trickier items for skilled professionals. Or, if full packing is not in your budget, you can choose to have some things packed for you, to save you time and energy. 
  • Packing/crating antiques/art/collectibles: A moving service that takes care of important and valuable items will have the know-how to help keep your precious pieces safe while moving. They will provide all the special supplies needed to pad, cover, crate and protect all your valuable belongings, from antiques to fine art. 
  • Furniture disassembly/reassembly: Bulky furniture often needs disassembly to move it without harm. This service can be added onto your moving package to make it easier for you to focus on other aspects of moving and setting up your new home. 
  • Packing for storage: If you need to store your belongings, a moving service will know the best way to pack them to keep them safe during storage. Some items cannot handle extreme temperatures, so they will be packed with that in mind. 
  • Unpacking: If you wanted to pack everything yourself, but you have neither the time nor inclination to unpack, once you get to your new home, you can have someone else unpack, by hiring a service to do so. Then, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your new home.

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Packing Tips That You Shouldn’t Move Without

If you are going to pack everything or part of your home yourself, then here are a few tips to help you:


Take Care with Fragile Items

First, be aware that some items need special treatment, especially high-tech electronic items like plasma TVs, expensive art, fine wines, and appliances. Be sure to ask your mover what they prefer when it comes to packing valuable, delicate or rare items, and carefully follow their instructions. They may even be able to provide you with the material you need to do the job right.


Pack a Room at a Time

Pack everything from room to room, rather than mixing items from all over your house. This strategy will make it easier when you go to unpack!


Load Your Boxes Smartly

Use boxes appropriate for the weight of the items you are packing, putting heavy items in small, very sturdy boxes and lighter items in large boxes. Also, put heavier objects on the bottom of the box and lighter items on the top. This step makes carrying them easier, as they won’t be so inclined to tumble out of your hands. Don’t leave any empty spaces or “air pockets” in the boxes, stuff spaces with packing material or clothing.


Wrap Dishware Carefully

Wrap your kitchen glassware in clothing to save on bubble wrap. Glasses and stemware can be packed in socks. Pack plates and flat glassware standing up on their edges to prevent breakage.


Pay Special Attention to Bath Products

For cosmetics, place a cotton or soft cosmetic pad over your pressed powder makeups to keep them from breaking when the box is rattled and bumped. For liquid toiletries, put saran wrap over the mouth of the container and then put the lid back on nice and tight and/or put in a zip lock bag to prevent leaks.


Get Creative with Packing Supplies

Use drawers as boxes. You don’t have to unpack them – just use press n’ seal plastic wrap over them to seal everything in. Use shrink wrap to cover jewelry display boards and keep jewelry in place for the trip. Bundle all your clean hanging clothes in a plastic trash bag, with hanger hooks outside of the bag for ease in carrying. Put out of season clothes in vacuum seal bag and remember to suck the air out.


Label, Label, Label

Be sure to label the boxes with the room it will be moved into and the contents. If you are moving long distance, be sure to label each box with your name. Tape the boxes thoroughly including tops, sides and bottoms, especially for heavy boxes. When loading a truck or van, put heavier boxes in first, closest to the front of the truck or van and lighter items in the back.


Utilize Plastic Bags for Small Parts

When disassembling furniture, put all small pieces and parts in sandwich or snack zip lock bags and then use packing tape to tape the bags to the parts they belong to. Take a photo of how all your electronics and entertainment tech is hooked up. Label every cable upon removing it from its device, so you can quickly and easily reconnect. Tape the related cables to the device it belongs to.


Pack an Essentials Bag

Pack an overnight bag with all your essential items, like toiletries, power cords, a change of clothes, etc. This is especially helpful if you are moving long distance. You never know what you may encounter and keeping your most important items close to you is a great idea. Don’t forget important paperwork, documents, lease agreement, mortgage papers, passport, insurance cards, etc. Pack a “First Day” box with all the items that you need for yourself, your kids and even your pets. These are to make the first day special, so new pajamas, new blankets, toys, snacks, supplies and pet food/supplies for the furry, feathery or scaly family members. This box will either travel with you in your car or be the very last box loaded on the moving van, if you are doing a local or short distance move, where the van will arrive when you do.


Whatever combination of packing services you choose, we can provide you with free quotes from moving companies in the Orlando area. Get started by using the quote form now!

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