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Life changes and sometimes that means having to move. The medical community considers a relocation to be one of the top five stressors in life. Oftentimes people move for an exciting reason, like a new job opportunity or an upgrade to a nicer neighborhood, or in the case of the Orlando area, the opportunity to live closer to the “happiest place on earth” (aka Disney World), Universal Studios and a lot of other great places full of fun and adventure. But even with the prospect of all the fun that Orlando offers, the stress of moving can still set in, regardless of whether you are moving a few doors down or across town. One option that helps relieve a lot of moving day anxiety is hiring a moving service. Cheap Movers Orlando can provide you with free estimates from professionals who will accommodate all your moving needs. All the movers that we represent are fully vetted, insured, and licensed.

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Reasons to Move with Cheap Movers

Cheap Movers Orlando helps you find the moving services you need:


Customizable Moving Services

You can fully customize your moving experience, by deciding which parts you want to do yourself and hiring a service to do the rest. Having a full-service moving company is helpful for people who are disabled, or very busy with family or a job. But some people like to do a lot of work themselves. Sometimes the work itself helps to ease stress, so they may want to hire a service that loads, transports and unloads.


Professionally Trained & Experienced

Whatever options you choose, when you hire a local moving service, you will have movers working with you who are professionally trained, with years of experience. They arrive with the correct equipment to deal with any situation they could encounter, and the supplies needed for packing all types of items.


Locals Who Care

Because these are local moving services, the movers are very familiar with your area, and will know local laws, traffic patterns, and best routes. These moving companies care about serving their neighbors in the community well!


Licensed & Insured

Every moving service in our system is fully vetted, highly experienced, licensed and fully insured. A wide array of moving options is available including: full service, pack and unpack or load and unload, for a variety of specialties such as: pianos, appliances, bulky items and furniture. Additionally, you can look for moving companies that provide storage and/or last minute/same day moving.


Imagine being able to move, with the least amount of stress possible, because you hired people who are equipped and trained to prep or pack everything from your entire entertainment center to your finest dinnerware. Then when you arrive at your new location, you can give them the instructions for unpacking, then rest and enjoy your family or get to know the neighbors.


Contact us for free quotes from local movers in Orlando, FL, so you can have peace of mind that your move will go smoothly and safely, with affordable rates. A bonus to hiring a moving service, is that you don’t have to coerce your family or friends into helping you.

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Full Service Moving Companies

Cheap Movers Orlando can provide you with free estimates for the following services, to make the transition the easiest possible, not only on your stress level, but also on your finances:


Household (house/apartment) moves – If you are elderly, disabled or very busy with other parts of life, have your entire home packed for you, or just your furniture prepped and moved. For full or partial household move service, contact us for free estimates.


Commercial (office/retail) moves) – Have a commercial moving company get the moving part done, while you focus on your job. It will give you peace of mind and help your staff to feel at ease and focused, so that all of you can keep the business running, right up to moving day.


Storage – If you need to store your belongings, between leaving your current home and moving into your new one, then look for a service that also provides storage.


Piano moving – They are complicated instruments with many moving parts. Be sure to get a service that specializes in piano moving, by contacting us for free estimates.


Appliances – Getting stoves, washers, dryers and refrigerators moved is complicated, with detaching and attaching parts and being sure delicate parts, like refrigerator coils aren’t damaged during transit. Get an appliance mover, for the added assurance that your appliances will get the special care they need.


Pool tables and other bulky items – Exercise equipment, pool tables, and other odd shaped or big, heavy complicated items are often a headache when it comes to moving them. But you can find a service that will handle these types of items easily, so you do not have to.


Packing/Unpacking – Maybe you would rather handle getting the truck and driving it, but you need someone to pack and unpack your belongings, then hire a company that specializes in getting all your stuff boxed, prepped and loaded, then unpacked when you arrive at your location.


Loading/Unloading – Like packing, this service is for “Do-It-Yourselfers” who may not want to hassle with loading and unloading the rental truck but who are fine with packing and unpacking everything themselves.


Furniture – You can hire a service that will prep your furniture for you, disassembling if necessary and wrapping all your couches, wall units, beds, desks, etc.


Last minute/ Same day moves – Moving is difficult enough, but what if you must move right away. We can provide you with free estimates from local movers who can provide same day and last-minute service.


Whatever your unique situation, you can customize your move with us, by receiving estimates from various moving companies in Orlando, FL and then choosing the service or services that best fit your needs. Get started with a free quote now!

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