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When it comes to the moving process, most people associate it with exhaustion and anxiety-inducing issues involving budgets, timing, packing, and coordinating all the small details. Hiring a moving service can relieve any of or all these challenges, depending on what services you request. Here at Cheap Movers Orlando, we pride ourselves in the quality of the services that we represent. All the movers in our network are fully vetted, insured, and licensed businesses with great reputations. Through us, you can receive free estimates from them, and then pick the service or combination of services that will best meet your needs, at affordable rates.

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Moving to Orlando, FL

Whenever anyone mentions Orlando, FL, it is almost certain that the two most famous theme parks, Disney World and Universal Studios, come to mind. Known as “The Theme Park Capital of the World,” Orlando is also home to Legoland, SeaWorld, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, and Fun Spot America-Kissimmee, to name a few. If you are moving to Orlando, you know that once you get settled, there will be a lot to keep you and your family entertained. Theme parks are not the only thing that Orlando is known for. It is also home to University of Central Florida, and a host of other colleges and universities, both state-run and private. Major industries and hi-tech businesses call Orlando their home, providing jobs for over 50,000 people. With the theme parks and the industries, jobs are not hard to find.


If you want to find a home in Orlando, you can choose city living: The Milk District and Audubon Park are artistic and new. But if you like a retro feel, the historic neighborhoods may meet your tastes: Thornton Park is a throw-back to the 1920s with little bungalows on brick lined streets, shaded by big oaks. Lake Eola Heights has many historic restorations. If you want to move into a home there and restore it, you will have to acquire a Certificate of Appropriateness. And College Park is all about family. The name has nothing to do with the various universities and colleges in the area and everything to do with the street names, which are all named after well-known colleges and universities. If a slower pace is more appealing to you, then consider the suburban life, which is a nice mix of country and lake living. Do you like quaint? Then, consider Hunter’s Creek. If you are looking for a more close-knit community, then consider Oviedo. And if very small town is what you love, then check out Heathrow.

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Florida’s Best Moving Services

When you’ve secured a job and a place to live, then the next step is moving. While the potential for a day at Disney World or Universal Studios may aid in coercing your friends and family to help you move to Orlando, who will have the energy after doing all that work? Find a moving company that will help you get to your new home and provide all the services that you need to relieve or significantly lessen the stress. Cheap Movers Orlando can provide you with free estimates from licensed, bonded, and insured moving services in the Orlando area. Choose the one that meets your needs and budget and be confident that the job will get done and get done right, with the least amount of fuss and frustration.


The Orlando moving companies that we work with can provide you with a variety of services that will help make your move run smoothly, with affordable prices to meet the tightest budgets:


Residential Movers

Choose from full or partial moving services to move all your household goods. They can do the entire job, from packing to unpacking or they can just provide the services that you request.


Local Movers

If you are moving within Orlando, you will benefit by having a local Orlando mover, who knows the traffic patterns and challenges of driving throughout the city and suburban areas.


Long Distance Movers

If you are moving into Orlando from a considerable distance away or out of Orlando to another part of the country, a long-distance mover can help you get your belongings packed and protected for the long trip. They will either do it for you or advise you on the best ways to pack and protect, while providing the materials you need. Once everything is boxed up, you can count on your professional mover to deliver it all to your new home unscathed.


Apartment Movers

A moving service that helps move clients to and from apartments and condos knows the best strategy to get you moved in and set up with the least amount of aggravation to the neighbors and management office of the apartment or condo complex.


Furniture Movers

Maybe you would like to pack all your smaller items, but the idea of disassembling and reassembling furniture and prepping it for moving is daunting, then have a furniture moving service help you. They will disassemble and prepare for the move and then reassemble and set it up, once you are at your new location.

Piano Movers

Pianos are lovely pieces of furniture. But they are much more than that. They have many moving parts, strings, pedals, and delicate connections. It is better to have your piano moved by expert piano movers than by regular movers, who have little to no experience with these complicated musical instruments.


Appliance Movers

Like pianos, large appliances have special parts and connections that are easily damaged, so hire a moving service that understands the best method to protect and move your large appliances.


Intrastate Movers

Moving within the state of Florida may require an intrastate moving service that will know the highways and byways of the entire state. They know how to get you from point A to point B without all the stress!


Senior Movers

For a senior citizen, moving can be a frightening experience. If you feel too old to handle it yourself, or you need a mover for a loved one, then hire someone who specializes in moving senior citizens. Not only will they provide the manpower, but they will also provide the mental and emotional support needed to make the transition smooth.


Interstate Movers

Going from Florida to a neighboring state requires someone who knows the special regulations that each state has, even if you are just going over the border. An interstate mover can advise about what you can transport over to another state, what regulations you need to follow, and paperwork that you need to have on hand upon arrival.


To get started with your Orlando move, just give Cheap Movers Orlando a ring or fill out the quote form! We’ll get back to you in a jiffy with free quotes from one or more moving companies who service your area.

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